TinyURL Creator

TinyURL Creator 2.0

Shorten URLs in Firefox instantly


  • Easy to use and access
  • Shortens instantly
  • Quicker than using external websites


  • Doesn't display URLs instantly


If you need to shorten a long URL to send via email, instant messenger or Twitter, then TinyURL Creator is a simple tool to help you do so.

Although most Twitter clients automatically do it or you, it's not usually the case with IM or e-mail clients. TinyURL Creator actually doesn't do anything other than use TinyURL.com to shorten your URLs but it makes it quicker than visiting the site and more accessible from your browser.

To use it, go to the tools menu in Firefox and you'llhave four options - 'New', 'From Current URL', 'View Saved' and 'Options'. To shorten the URL of the page you are on for sending, just select 'From Current URL' and TinyURL Creator will copy the shortened link to your clipboard. Via 'View Saved', you can see those that you've used of you need to access them again later.

TinyURL Creator is an excellent tool for anyone that frequently deals with long URLs and doesn't want to keep going to TinyURL.com to shorten them.

TinyURL Creator


TinyURL Creator 2.0

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